50th day of school writing activity

Assemble all the papers to make a class book. Each class might teach kids to count to 50 in different language. You may wish to count just school days or you may wish to count weekends and holidays as well. It will also introduce some history to young students. This should set the stage for the hundredth day of school celebration!

Send Us Your Favorite Tool Just drill into our toolbox for all the tools you need -- like the one above submitted by a school leader just like you. I love it so much! Maybe this is a teachers-only competition, and students are the fans.

Mark Lukert, principal retiredLakeside Elementary School, Coppell, Texas If you would like to learn more about Mark or the workshops he conducts through his consulting company, Precision Team Building, contact him through his Web site, http: Perhaps you could have a class luau or make a Hawaiian craft such as a lei.

Wait a second —I think it might be fun to give away a few copies! Have kids complete this sentence: Art Center Explain to students that Barbie was born on March 9th, The kids get a kick out of watching the guys throw the girls up!

Sometimes I have the children just round the edges, sometimes I will trace the circles and have them cut them out. But how about celebrating the 50th day, too? History Center Provide a series of pictures showing people, food, fashion, events, household appliances, a jukebox, a record player, etc.

This makes it a very flexible day of celebration! Follow the simple instructions to enter in the widget below!! Math Center Provide grocery flyers and catalogues.

Illustrated by Michael Martchenko. If they get the Jukebox or juicebox as the kids like to call it! You may wish to make it the 50th day of school in the year beginning with January 1st.

Share some samples of work from each center. Movement Center Provide hula hoops and invite students to try to "hula" 50 times without stopping. Play s music as kids pass in the hall between classes.

The music just makes me happy! One of the first things we do in the day is get our room ready by making these fun records. The 50th day is one of my all-time favorite days of school! Draw a series of potatoes and on each one draw a different expression.

Give prizes for the most correct answers. Ask students what they know about the number Actually, you might adapt many of these ideas for the th day for use on Day What can we celebrate in another 50 days?

Celebrate the 50th Day

First Grade Activities on the 50th Day of School written by: Just as teachers find many ways to incorporate the number into activities for the th day of the school year, so you might challenge them to incorporate the number 50 on the 50th day.

Provide small blocks, pattern pieces, corks, pick-up sticks, etc. Invite them to design a piece of clothing for her.

50th Day of School Activities FREEBIE

Suggestions for clothing may include jeans rolled up at the ankles and T-shirts for the boys and skirts for the girls, where you could provide poodle shapes cut from felt to pin on them.Many schools plan big-time ways to celebrate the th day of school.

But how about celebrating the 50th day, too? Or you might prefer to celebrate 50 Days to Go! Either way, a special day is a great way to build school spirit. Just as teachers find many ways to incorporate the number into activities for the th day of the school year, so you. 50th Day of School FUN!

I am already making my poodle skirt and am planning activities. My school's 50th day is this Friday so I am trying to get everything together! This pack would be awesome!

Reply Delete. Kim Chaiken November 6, interactive writing (1) intervention (2) Jack Hartmann (1). Please dont forget to follow my TPT store and blog for more great freebies and resources!

17 pages of activities that can be done to celebrate the 50th day of school Included are: coloring page word search number charts skip counting class book writing page now and future page I can write 50 words hidden picture record craft colors page clipart: 4/5(). FREE's Day Emergent Reader Balanced Literacy, Writing, Reading Strategies Kindergarten, 1st How do you celebrate the 50th day of school?

This product includes an emergent reader text, predictable sentence, and Venn Diagram to celebrate the 50's. Find this Pin and more on Kindergarten/ 50th Day Of School by Lori Alford. On the first day of school, Emily's teacher, Miss Cribbage, tells the class that they will make a new number friend every day for the first days of school.

Have fun celebrating all that your students have learned with these fun 50th Day of school activities. Included in this product are three different 50th day headbands/crowns for your students to make, along with math and writing mint-body.com see more, cli.

50th day of school writing activity
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