A book report on fahrenheit 451 by ray bradbury

Between this and learning about the destruction of the Library of Alexandria[25] a great impression was made on the young man about the vulnerability of books to censure and destruction.

This confuses the women and alarms Faber, who is listening remotely. Alone and without an alibiMead is taken to the "Psychiatric Center for Research on Regressive Tendencies" for his peculiar habit. One fall night while returning from work, he meets his new neighbor, a teenage girl named Clarisse McClellan, whose free-thinking ideals and liberating spirit cause him to question his life and his own perceived happiness.

He mentions he will be leaving on an early bus heading to St. He is married and has no children. Faber urges him to make his way to the countryside and contact the exiled book-lovers who live there.

Title[ edit ] The title page of the book explains the title as follows: Granger explains that man has something the phoenix does not: When Montag reads Dover Beach to them, he strikes a chord in Mrs. Francis McComas were less enthusiastic, faulting the book for being "simply padded, occasionally with startlingly ingenious gimmickry, A few days after their first meeting, she disappears without any explanation; Mildred tells Montag and Captain Beatty confirms that Clarisse was hit by a speeding car and that her family left following her death.

Shortly after the paperback, a hardback version was released that included a special edition of signed and numbered copies bound in asbestos. Tearing through the pages, the chapters, the three sections, I finish it over a weekend and am in awe.

The drifters are all former intellectuals. Beatty casually adds a passing threat as he leaves, telling Montag that if a fireman had a book, he would be asked to burn it within the next 24 hours.

Bradbury sued and eventually won on appeal. Every single human being Recommended to Brian by: Students, reading the novel, which, after all, deals with censorship and book-burning in the future, wrote to tell me of this exquisite irony.

He finds Beatty playing cards with the other firemen. The following covers the most salient aspects. Through most of the book, Montag lacks knowledge and believes what he hears.

There she was, oblivious to man and dog, listening to far winds and whispers and soap-opera cries, sleep-walking, helped up and down curbs by a husband who might just as well not have been there. Due to their constant desire for a simplistic, positive image, books must be suppressed.

Fahrenheit 451

I am proud to start a new library with this novel as my first edition. Enraged by their idiocy, Montag leaves momentarily and returns with a book of poetry.

Montag returns home to find that his wife Mildred has overdosed on sleeping pills, and he calls for medical attention. These hearings resulted in the blacklisting of the so-called " Hollywood Ten ", [28] a group of influential screenwriters and directors.

A fire alarm sounds, and Beatty picks up the address from the dispatcher system. Her first husband divorced her, her second died in a jet accident, and her third committed suicide by shooting himself in the head. Granger is the leader of a group of wandering intellectual exiles who memorize books in order to preserve their contents.

Beatty blames the minority groups, who would take offense to published works that displayed them in an unfavorable light. Too many people were afraid of their shadows; there was a threat of book burning.

After Montag scares her friends away by reading Dover Beach and unable to live with someone who has been hoarding books, Mildred betrays Montag by reporting him to the firemen and abandoning him, and dies when the city is bombed.

He senses something is wrong. They are some of the most important things to us and our lives would be ruined without them. During a radio interview in[76] [77] Bradbury said: Mildred goes to answer, but immediately forgets. Montag and the group are injured and dirtied, but manage to survive the shock wave.

Montag hands Beatty a book to cover for the one he believes Beatty knows he stole the night before, which is unceremoniously tossed into the trash.

Once an avid reader, he has come to hate books due to their unpleasant content, and contradicting facts and opinions. While learning the philosophy of the exiles, Montag and the group watch helplessly as bombers fly overhead and annihilate the city with nuclear weapons.

In a scene written years later by Bradbury for the Fahrenheit play, Beatty invites Montag to his house where he shows him walls of books left to molder on their shelves.

I ask my mother to box up my old books and put them in the attic. The following are some notable incidents:Based on the Ray Bradbury novel of the same name. Guy Montag is a firefighter who lives in a lonely, isolated society where books have been outlawed by a.

Ray Bradbury (–) was the author of more than three dozen books, including FahrenheitThe Martian Chronicles, The Illustrated Man, and Something Wicked This Way Comes, as well as hundreds of short mint-body.com wrote for the theater, cinema, and TV, including the screenplay for John Huston’s Moby Dick and the Emmy Award–winning teleplay The Halloween Tree, and adapted for.

Fahrenheit is set in an unspecified city (likely in the American Midwest) at an unspecified time in the future. after the year The novel is divided into three parts: "The Hearth and the Salamander", "The Sieve and the Sand", and "Burning Bright".

May 09,  · mint-body.com Staff. "TheBestNotes on Fahrenheit "mint-body.com. 09 May 09 May >. Author Ray Bradbury died on Tuesday. He named his most famous book, Fahrenheitafter “the temperature at which book-paper catches fire, and burns.

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A book report on fahrenheit 451 by ray bradbury
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