A summary of the story of the beowulf

Beowulf repeats the same blustery tale as before, but with a bit of wariness in his voice. Beowulf must battle one more demon.

Give me a short summary of the epic poem Beowulf?

We snap back to the present no mention of what finally happened with the mermaidand Beowulf and Unferth are still hostile toward each other. The large wooden entrance doors are blasted off their hinges, the halls torches blow out, and the hearth in the middle of the hall erupts in eerie blue flames.

These are important in helping historians understand the Beowulf manuscript, as possible source-texts or influences would suggest time-frames of composition, geographic boundaries within which it could be composed, or range both spatial and temporal of influence i.

Seems that Unferth has heard a story about Beowulf being challenged to a swimming race and losing. The horn is in the shape of a dragon, with a red jewel at the neck, and Hrothgar makes an off-hand remark about how hitting the neck is the only way to kill a dragon.

Enraged, the dragon emerges from the barrow and begins unleashing fiery destruction upon the Geats. The magic sword melts to its hilt. Beowulf departs after a sorrowful goodbye to Hrothgar, who has treated him like a son.

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The mother of Grendel, not as strong as her son, but deeply motivated, plans revenge. Mortally wounded, Grendel slinks back into the swamp to die. He presents Beowulf with prizes of a golden banner, a helmet, a coat of mail, an ancient sword, and eight horses.

Back at his cave, the monster is chastised by his mother for killing men. During the battle, Beowulf is badly burned and fatally wounded in the neck. Instead, he proposed that other pieces of Germanic literature contain "kernels of tradition" from which Beowulf borrows and expands upon.

Expert Answers mlsldy3 Certified Educator Beowulf is a young warrior in Geatland, who comes to the aid of the Scyldings. Beowulf dons his woven mail shirt for protection and plunges into the monster-filled lake to pursue his quarry. When they see the dragon, all but one of the warriors flee in terror.

Grendel arrives and consumes one of the warriors, then reaches for Beowulf. After explaining that he owes Hrothgar a favor because Hrothgar helped out his father, Beowulf offers to fight Grendel himself. Seeing the dragon, the slave grabs one of the treasures surrounding him and flees for his life.Beowulf is rightly transfixed, in a manner very similar to when he saw the mermaid in his sea monster story.

Beowulf Summary

Beowulf's seems to be easily susceptible to the charms of the mystical lady-creatures. She admires how handsome and strong he is.

From a general summary to chapter summaries to explanations of famous quotes, the SparkNotes Beowulf Study Guide has everything you. Beowulf tells the story of his heroic victory in the contest, and the company celebrates his courage. During the height of the celebration, the Danish queen Wealhtheow comes forth, bearing the mead-cup.

Beowulf and his men return to the land of the Geats, where his uncle the king, Hygelac, and Hygelac's queen Hygd, greet Beowulf, accepting the treasure Beowulf gives them, and in turn rewarding Beowulf with a sword, praise, and land. Beowulf reigns as king for fifty years, protecting the Geats from all the other tribes around them, especially the Swedes.

He is an honorable and heroic warrior-king, rewarding his loyal thanes (warrior lords) and taking care of his people. Quick Answer "Beowulf" is a poem that describes events that happen to Danish King Hrothgar and his great hall, Heorot. King Hrothgar and his people are plagued by Grendel, a monster who attacks Heorot every night to pillage and kill Hrothgar's men.

A summary of the story of the beowulf
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