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Parents, teachers, and elders, from which they were supposed to learn are now neither respected nor trusted.

The reality of blood and death, represented by the death of Joseph Behm and the impending death of Kemmerich destroys any ideals that war is glamorous. As they looked around and asked "why," they focused on what they had learned at home and in school.

It is a "forest of the dead. We are two men, two minute sparks of life; outside is the night and the circle of death. Due to first-hand experience they had shaken off their previous disillusionment and began to wonder what the point of this horrible war was: This is nature in the midst of death and destruction.

These final, melancholy thoughts occur just before his young and untimely death. Even Leer, who was so good at mathematics in school, dies of a terrible wound and Paul wonders what good his school-learned mathematics will do him now. The last sentence of chapter one illustrates that each individual, though young numerically, has lost their youth forever.

And of that you are not able to judge. Their callousness is contrasted with the reaction of the new recruits who sob, tremble, and give in to front-line madness described over and over again in scenes of the front.

Back then the water was fragrant, the wind melodious; these memories of nature cause a powerful calmness and awaken a remembrance of what was — but sadly, will never be again.

Paul and his friends feel a terrible sense of the absurd when they see how important protocol seems to be to the older generation. He describes the red poppies, meadows, beetles, grass, trees at twilight, and the stars.

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Muller even matches them to his shoe size. How to Write a Summary of an Article? All Quiet on the Western Front shows the change in attitudes of men before and after the war.

I believe we are lost. He explains, "Our knowledge of life is limited to death" Chapter The opening chapter is key in explaining, through the voice of Baumer, a major theme in All Quiet on the Western Front: The lengthy description of using the general latrines further describes how dehumanizing their lives were.

This man, this hero, this father, this life — has been closer to Paul than his own blood relatives and yet Paul must say, "No, we are not related.

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A terrible gulf exists between his present and his past and also between himself and his parents. I can see him now, as he used to glare at us through his spectacles and say in a moving voice: Each person is different, with characteristics that everyone can relate to.

An example of this ignorance is shown in a conversation Paul has with his mother when on leave. They later come upon a scene with dead bodies whose bellies are swollen like balloons. In Chapter 9, when Paul is alone in the trench, he loses his nerve and his direction and is afraid he will die.

As you can see many of the ideas Remarque wrote about in Germany during the early s, apply to modern day America. Nature Throughout his novel, Remarque uses nature in several ways. Chapter one introduces each character, theme, and tone for the entire novel and sets up the intent: Shells, gas clouds, and flotillas of tanks — shattering, corroding, death.

Even at the end when Paul knows there is so little time until the armistice, he reflects on the beauty of life and hopes that he can stay alive until the laws of nature once again prevail and the actions of men bring peace.

Whether it be important, like politics or religion, or just harmless wives tales, there is a feeling among the younger generation that some things that are being taught are just not true. While men kill each other and wonder why, the butterflies, birds, and breeze flutter though the killing fields and carry on as if mankind were quite insignificant.

This is shown in AQWF by a conversation the young soldiers had. He and his fellow classmates are only nineteen and twenty years old; even the young recruit who is mortally wounded in Chapter 4 causes Kat to say, "Such a kid.

That is long ago. Dysentery, influenza, typhus — scalding, choking death.- Essay: All Quiet on the Western Front An anti-war novel often portrays many of the bad aspects and consequences of war. Erich Remarque’s All Quiet on the Western Front is a novel set in the First World War that is against war.

It also talks about “the lost generation” that in fact WWI produced. The main character Paul Baumer and his. All Quiet on the Western Front Essay Much like the present, there is a sort of intangible space between the older and younger generations.

All Quiet on the Western Front – Essay 9

In All Quiet on the Western Front, youths like Paul Baumer must deal with the disillusion they feel towards what they were taught to believe in by those of the older generation. All Quiet on the Western Front & A Farewell to Arms.

In both books, A Farewell to Arms by Ernest Hemingway, and All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque, the subject of war is seen in two strikingly different perspectives.

War was thought to be productive and nesscesary by the older 3/5(3). The Lost Generation In the autumn ofPaul Bäumer, All Quiet on the Western Front; Major Themes; Table of Contents. All Subjects. Book Summary; About All Quiet on the Western Front; Character List; Essay Questions Practice Projects Cite this Literature Note ×.

In the novel, All Quiet on the Western Front, Erich Maria Remarque demonstrates, through the character of Paul Baumer, how war has obliterated almost an entire generation of men. Because these men no longer retain a place in life and are incapable of relating with former generations, they are.

All Quiet on the Western Front, by Erich Remarque tells what happens to a group of German teenagers during World War I. Paul Baumer is the protagonist in the (page 18). The loss of youth, while still young summarizes the meaning of the lost generation of World War I.

The introduction and development of the characters is so intriguing to the.

All quiet on the western front essay lost generation
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