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The ultimate aim is to be able to understand and reproduce human consciousness. In October the supercomputer is due to be expanded with additional racks. The latest simulations, as of Novembercontain about columns, 1 million neurons, and 1 billion synapses.

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The software continues to be under active development and, as of Julyis currently at version 7. This is currently separate from the Blue Brain Project but it will become part of the Human Brain Project if the latter is chosen for EU funding in late It has since dropped out of the top Each column can be mapped to one function, e.

A prototype supercomputer that will perform at petaflops is hoped to be built by the end of A rat cortical column has about 10, neurons and is about the size of a pinhead. The Cajal Institute also participates in this collaboration.

Having started filming inthe documentary is planned to be released inafter the years of filming and editing have finished. Techniques are being developed for multiscale simulation whereby active parts of the brain are simulated in great detail while quiescent parts are not so detailed.

The first artificial cellular neocortical column of 10, cells was built by Finally the neurons are functionalised and the simulation brought to life.

The patterns of emergent behaviour are viewed with visualisation software. The brain simulations generally run all day, and one day per week usually Thursdays. Currently the primary goal is biological validity rather than performance. Nanotechnology, in the form of a newly designed brain microscope, plays an important role in its research plans.

Over genes are known to be associated with voltage-gated ion channels in the rat. It currently performs at 1. A research paper published by the BBP team in describes the following setup: Regular contributions from Henry Markram and the rest of the team provide an insight into the Blue Brain Project, while similar research tasks across the world are touched on.

Different types of neuron have different mixes of channels - and this contributes to differences in their electrical behaviour. The results of this work are publicly available online at Channelpedia.

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Goal[ edit ] Neocortical column modelling[ edit ] The initial goal of the project, completed in December[4] was the simulation of a rat neocortical columnwhich is considered by some researchers to be the smallest functional unit of the neocortex [5] [6] the part of the brain thought to be responsible for higher functions such as conscious thought.

Every single protein is simulated, and there are about a billion of these in one cell. The genes for these channels are cloned at the lab, overexpressed in cultured cells, and their electrical behaviour recorded.Blue Brain News 30 August EPFL’s Blue Brain Project open sources interactive visualization tool - RTNeuron.

Originally, one of Blue Brain’s first domain specific interactive visualization tools, the latest version of RTNeuron provides a scalable real-time rendering tool for the visualization of detailed neuronal simulations based on cable models. Blue Ocean Brain is a pioneer in the field of MicroLearning.

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