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Lightweight cryptography has been presented to overcome this challenge in vehicle-to-vehicle V2V communication and in many other secure communications in IoT.

The result of the process should be encrypted and send to the same object or other smart objects. The ubiquitous things is a new concept that has been created by the interconnection and intercommunication amongst smart objects.

The Internet has provided a backbone for connecting different objects to each other and has changed human life significantly. Network traffic, increasing demands of real time, latency-sensitive applications, resource-constraints computational power, storage, memory, etc in actuators, mobility and geo-distribution of smart objects, and heterogeneity that are new challenges in the domain of IoT.

Cloud computing has been suggested to overcome these challenges due to its high computational power and its capacity in terms of resources.

An opportunistic resource management model to overcome resource-constraint in the Internet of Things Experts believe that the Internet of Things IoT is a new revolution in technology and has brought many advantages for our society.

Cloud Computing

This helps an IoT system choose the best nodes for creating the fog that we need in the IoT system. These are examples of common problems in the IoT domain. The distance between objects and their movement besides network Concurrency Computat Pract Exper.

The capacity of fog and cloud computing such as efficient computing, data access, network and storage, supporting mobility, location awareness, heterogeneity, scalability, and low latency in secure communication positively influence information security and privacy protection in IoT.

However, there are serious challenges in terms of information security and privacy protection. Smart objects usually do not have malware detection due to resource limitations and their intrusion detection work on a particular network. We have latency; this delays not only creates risk for information security, but it may also impact human safety in some applications of IoT, such as smart vehicles.

Our experiment shows that the proposed approach has less computational, communicational cost, and more productivity in compare with the situation that we choose the smart objects randomly to create a fog.

Low computation power, low bandwidth, low battery, storage, and memory contribute to a resource-constrained effect on information security and privacy protection in the domain of IoT.Cloud computing has formed the conceptual and infrastructural basis for tomorrow’s computing.

The global computing infrastructure is rapidly moving towards cloud based architecture. This paper presents a review on the cloud research and investigation within the security aspects of cloud computing practice an imperative.

Cloud Computing: Overview & Current Research Challenges Mohsin Nazir Department of Information Technology, Central University of Kashmir, India research paper presents what cloud computing is, the various cloud models and the overview of.

View Full Document At the premise of distributed computing is the more extensive thought of foundation meeting (or Converged Substructure) and common offices.

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Cloud computing A collection of working papers i It is critical to give explicit attention to architecture when preparing to migrate to the cloud, since this represents an opportunity for corporations to.

Cloud computing research paper doc
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