Comparing browning and emerson

I would highly recommend CDS to anyone as we felt good right from the very first interaction - they are a very special company - and I would willingly provide references for them. CDS demonstrated the ability to deliver quickly and at the same time do it in a price competitive manner.

We use another supplier to handle Emerson non-configured CAD models and they do an acceptable job with that. Substance is vital, but customer perception is even more important for successful adoption. Beyond that we want to look at applying the system to other Emerson offerings such as Couplings and Bearing products.

We will also use it for training new staff. CDS presented the ability to deliver the most advanced technology within the simplest of interfaces.

In the long term this will support all our selling channels but our primary target is the OEM design engineer. We selected the right partner. We the success of the first configurator.

Browning Syncrogear and Gearmotors

For our customers, efficiency gained will come from reduced communication dialogue with the expert system — customers prefer immediate self-help and download capability versus asynchronous communications of listed requirements and multiple emails. We also wanted to offer an advanced user experience for selecting and ordering our complex products, let customers help themselves, shorten our sales cycle, reduce our time to market, increase sales and lower cost of sales through internal efficiency gains that lower operating costs.

Internally we anticipate some relief for high value technical resources through customer self help that frees up our resources from CAD model retrieval and communication. Power Transmission Solutions serves a wide array of machinery intense industries.

What do you do? What benefits were expected and achieved? They fulfilled everything they promised. We staffed the project with the right knowledge workers, who delivered the constraint data, and CDS was nimble and flexible in delivering the software application as promised.

The infrastructure is now in place and we have the process and methodology to move expert knowledge into the system. We did our most complex product first, so we can now confidently scale to all our configurable product lines.

How many CAD model downloads do you expect each month from the CbN and who do you expect to use the configurator? We presented the most complex product line to be sure the technology could handle everything we were likely to throw at it. Why was CDS chosen? The project planning, management, QA and testing all went exceptionally well using the CDS iterative prototyping methodology.

Emerson had the right people involved — including a skilled project manager, the right executive sponsorship, addressed any cultural issues that might have endangered the project, drew out the constraint information from the experts and executed the build, QA, deploy and maintain cycle carefully and thoroughly.

This application will support them very nicely. For example it typically takes 6 months for a new technical person in our company to get up-to-speed on our products and usually several years before they are competent to work directly with customers — we anticipate shortening this process dramatically.

We will also ensure that it is available internally; making it available to field sales personnel and technical support for handling customer inquires. It came down to asingle and clear choice in selecting them as our partner.

What are your future plans for this technology? The Emerson eBusiness group teamed with CDS to solve the problem in a new and unique way as this interview describes. The development of a successful pilot ensured we had Executive sponsorship. We are already tracking stats daily and accumulating the metrics but it will take a more data to assess frequency of use and reduction in the use of internal resources.

What lessons were learned from implementation and suggested improvements? What other similar technology does Emerson use and how do you differentiate CDS from that technology?Browning Syncrogear and Gearmotors, Regal Beloit, CBN, GWP, GWBP, E, E, E, E, E, E, E, E, E, Industrial Parts and Electric Motors.

Emerson Power Transmission Solutions

1B5V94 Emerson Browning Grip Belt Sheave dia, Browning 1B5V94 Learn More. $ Add to Cart. Add to Wishlist; 1TB 1TB44 Emerson Browning SINGLE GROOVE SHEAVE, Browning 1TB44 Learn More.

$ Add to Cart. Add to Wishlist; 1TB 1TB70 Emerson. Automation Solutions Brands. Emerson’s industry-leading brands embody our proven innovation, engineering expertise and best-in-class technologies.

Stake Your Business on Our Brands Look to our world-renowned brand portfolio for the right product solutions and predictable outcomes for your automation challenges. Buy New or Surplus EMERSON VS (BEARING FOR /16 DIA.

Automation Solutions Brands

SHAFT) parts. Radwell also repairs EMERSON VS Emerson Power Transmission Solutions, Headquartered in Florence, Kentucky, a business within Emerson Industrial Automation, is a major producer of mechanical power transmission drives, components and bearings. Browning branded product has been synonymous with quality, durability and innovation for over years.

Helping Our Customers Address the World's Most Critical Needs

Browning is the world leader in V-belt drives, and offers a broad spectrum of other power transmission products - gearing, bearings, and other drives and components.

Comparing browning and emerson
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