Contribution of hindi in national unity in hindi

It also helps economic migrants integrate well into their host communities thus paving the way for a healthy cultural exchange among diverse societies. A united country is respected in the eyes of others. It also helps provide them with equal opportunities eliminating the undue advantage that Hindi speakers enjoy as of today.

Besides Hindi and English, there are many other official languages. National Language and National Unity of India! Enforcement of Hindi across the country, hence, has not only resulted in a natural resentment towards such an attitude of assimilation, but has also created an environment of mutual suspicion and hostility between Hindi and non-Hindi speaking peoples.

Such feelings have also resulted in people resorting to violence to assert their linguistic identity, and lack of understanding of this issue has wrongly led to a general consensus that such violence is only a result of chauvinistic and divisive attitudes of certain vested political interests.

Such growth in technology will also reduce the need to learn a link language for the purposes of communication. Speaking at the function, head of Akhil Bhartiya Hindi Samstha Sankh Girish Gandhi said the long history of the successful functioning of the Sabha in a State where Hindi was not the principal language was in itself an achievement for the Hindi Prachar Sabha.

Essay on the “National Unity” in Hindi

When there is unity, people are in agreement and act together for a particular purpose. The Sun The success of the England team has been built on a unity of purpose and trust. There has been no other language that united the people of this nation to fight for their independence.

It is time we wake up to the fact that our language policies and laws are archaic and need to be reformed urgently. Such methods are far more likely to promote national integration than what the traditional methods of assimilation have.

Also, with the advancements in technology, and availability of language based services, usage of several languages together in administration has become possible.

Event in the animal world, the animals help each other in the face of danger. True, language is a tool of communication but it is not just that. When people quarrel among themselves, and continue to do so in the face of adversity, we can never think of putting up a joint front against the enemy.

The fact that they are dying, itself is a good enough reason to conserve them. Policies that cripple the growth of languages also will inevitably cripple the development of its speakers, individually and collectively.

Times, Sunday Times There is just complete unity and belief. We have to form strong and durable links to create national unity to avoid disastrous consequences. Times, Sunday Times We deserve better, and that is political freedom with economic unity.

Times, Sunday Times People talk about having team unity and team harmony.

Hindi translation of 'unity'

Or are we deluding ourselves to believe so? However, communal clashes, social and economic inequalities can put a challenge to prevailing national harmony in India. The fact remains that regardless of divisions and distinctions, caste or creed, we have lived together for thousands of years.

सांप्रदायिक एकता पर नारे | Slogans on unity in Hindi

GO Please enter a valid email address. On the other hand, the once divided Germany has re-united, as also south and North Yemen.Mar 15,  · “Hindi is not just a language but it was one of the weapons that helped us in our struggle for independence. There has been no other language that united the people of this nation to fight for their Staff Reporter.

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Hindi Translation of “unity” | The official Collins English-Hindi Dictionary online. OverHindi translations of English words and phrases. Hindi translation of 'unity' Word Frequency. unity He will try to form a national unity government to enact further painful economic measures.

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National Integration: In India we have multi-cultural, multi-lingual, and multi-traditional groups. Our constitution emphasizes the concept of unity in diversity and expects every citizen of India to honour the feeling of national and emotional integration.

Respect for all religions: India is a country of plural religions.

Contribution of hindi in national unity in hindi
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