Day age theory

Geological table has species listed from simple to complex throughout ages. One Scripture passage in particular often looked to for support of this theory is 2 Peter 3: I would be glad to answer any questions you may have.

Some people take this verse to mean that when God says that the earth was "without form, and void" he was talking about some type of judgment on a previous race of creatures. It is never used in the "indefinite time period" unless its literal one day meaning is clearly shown to not be used.

Is a literal hour yom consistent with Scripture as a whole? Why does the Bible say a day is like a thousand years? The Bible speaks of the bones and bodies of the dead as being "unclean".

Seth was born when Adam was Thanks to Dan L. The normal and contextual way of interpreting Genesis 1 is to read 24 hour days. The Gap Theory ignores these theological boundaries imposed by scripture itself. Proponents of the Day Age Theory assume that man did not live with dinosaurs and other extinct animals.

Although it is possible for the word "YOM" Hebrew word for day to mean an indefinite time, the context of Genesis does not permit this interpretation. A flood which adequately explains the presence, and formation of sedimentary rock.

Because natural man does not come up with supernatural Bible based ideas of earths history on his own. And there was evening and there was morning, the sixth day Do not use without permission.

Defining the word is based on the viewpoint of creation held by the individual. The sun, a source of light, energy, will be created later on but for now the earth spins and goes through a light and dark sequence provided by God.

What is the Day Age Theory? Adam was created "very good" Gen. If you believe the gap theory then you believe in a God that calls death "good".The day-age theory is something like the gap theory in that it tries to fit evolution and creation together in one piece.

Theistic Evolution and the Day-Age Theory

The day-age theory says that each day in Genesis is not a literal 24 hour day but rather an age (a geological age to be more specific). Gerald Schroeder and his New Variation on the “Day-Age” Theory: Part 2 Aug. 2, Several months ago, Dr.

The Day-Age Theory Revisited

Gerald Schroeder was a guest on the Zola Levitt TV program. The day-age theory is not mentioned by any serious biblical scholar until the 's A.D.

For years this supposed secret lay hidden awaiting the craftiness of nineteenth-century scholarship to unlock its mysteries and reveal them to a waiting world! He calls the day-age theory, the theory "that I have proposed" (p. ), but there is nothing new in it except that he distorts Genesis more than most other advocates of the theory, as he tries unsuccessfully to make the order.

The "Day Age" theory This compromise of the Creation account postulates that the "days" of the Creation week were long periods of time, and not literal days.

What is the Day Age Theory?

They believe that the "evening and morning" were the beginning and end of geologic eras. Question: "What is the Day-Age Theory?" Answer: Although Moses wrote the book of Genesis approximately 3, years ago, it has been in just the last couple of centuries that serious debate over the nature and date of creation has developed.

Consequently, there are now a number of theories relative to the creation account, and one of them is.

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Day age theory
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