Describe how a bill becomes a law essay

This is achieved through a step-by-step process that begins in either house. In order for a bill to get to presidential consideration it must go through this step-by-step process beginning in either house. There have been a lot of efforts to refine the process, but most of these efforts have not been successful at the federal level.

How a Bill Becomes a Law

The president can also veto the bill and send it back to congress with a note that lists the reasons for the veto. When all of the differences are worked out, in the U.

Describe how a bill becomes law.

The copies are dispersed to the rest of the Representatives and the bill goes through its first reading. The law making process is long and complex but the chief function of Congress is for making these laws to keep America as successful as it is today.

The bill must be passed in identical form from both houses in order for it to be passed on to the president. He can choose to sign the bill and make it a law, or the bill can become a law if the president does not sign it within ten days while Congress is still in session.

This is a complicated question that perhaps can best be answered by viewing a flowchart of the process.

How a Bill Becomes Law essay

The revised bill is then sent back to each house for final approval. After it is reviewed the Committee Chair signs it.

If the Representative decides not to sponsor the bill, he sets it aside and does nothing, which is known as tabling the bill. Enacting laws is a complicated process, and there are differing views as to whether it should be simplified or not.

Government Printing Office to make copies and is returned to the house. Once the House of Representatives passes the bill, it then goes to the Senate, where it follows the same process of revisions. Even if one word is changed, it cannot move on to the President; it must go to the conference committee.

The revised bill goes through a second reading, and finally a third reading before the house can vote on it. Once the president receives the bill he can do one of three things.

You can find top custom writing companies listed rightside at our blogroll side-bar. If they choose to sponsor it, they present the bill to the Chief Clerk of the House. When Congress is not adjourned, and the president fails to either sign or veto a bill sent to him by the end of the day period, it becomes law without his signature.

State laws is another issue, however. Assuming your question applies to the federal level, however, bills can originate in the House or the Senate. The state governments have their own processes, usually modeled after the federal process with various differences i. On the one hand, the process can get cumbersome, but on the other, we can overregulate ourselves if we make it too easy to pass bills.

See the link below for a good one. The conference committee is made up of members of both houses, which come together to work out any differences between the different versions of the bill. The Speaker of the house and the vice president sign the enrolled bill and it is sent for presidential consideration.

Assuming your question applies to the federal level,After members of the committee have debated the bill and perhaps offered amendments, a vote is taken; and if the vote is favorable, the bill is sent back to the floor of the house.

The clerk reads the bill sentence by sentence to. Custom How a Bill Becomes Law Essay Writing Service || How a Bill Becomes Law Essay samples, help The first stage is the Submission of the bill.

A member of the congress submits the bill to the house. How a Bill Becomes a Law Although it has other functions, the process most associated with the U.S.

Congress (as well as with corresponding state legislatures) is that of making laws. The process is as complex as it is important%(2). A bill once passed according to laid down procedures, than becomes a law or an act.

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When a member of Congress has an idea for a new law they present it as a bill, which is the most common type of legislation. The path of a bill, from the time it is just an idea to the time it arrives at the President’s desk for approval, is paved with many detours.

How a Bill Becomes a Law Essay Words | 4 Pages. For a bill to become a law it takes more than one step and more than one person deciding, it's not as easy as it seems.

First, the legislation is introduced, and then you have the committee action, afterwards floor action, conference committee, the president, and then the bill becomes a law.

Describe how a bill becomes a law essay
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