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Most of the food is baked or fried with meat or fish and served with rice. Arepa is considered to be the most popular dish in Venezuela, traditionally made of cornmeal. Guasacaca is the key spicy sauce in the country that is often served with arepas, empanadas, chicken etc.

Venezuela has several fast-food chains in large towns and local vendors on street corners. Special bread made out of yucca they make is called Casabe. The host indicates the beginning of a meal by saying: It is rich in fibre and minerals.

Ensalada caprese is a famous Italian dish also widely cooked in Venezuela. Yuca, potatoes, rice, different beans, lettuce, cabbage, carrots, aubergine, peas, and corn are also a part of daily diet of Venezuelans.

One should also keep a napkin on the lap while eating. If invited to a Venezuelan house, one should arrive 15 or 30 minutes later not to show extra eagerness that is interpreted as greediness. One should wait until he or she is told where to sit and wait until the rest of the guests are seated.

Venezuelan type of French croissant with chopped ham or cheese is called cachitos de jamon and is served hot.

Pork is eaten predominantly at Christmas. They grew cassava, an important crop for making bread as well as maize, beans, peppers, potatoes, peanuts, squash etc.

Among the most popular desserts one may name besito de coco, bien me sabe, cannoli, dulce de leche, quesillo etc.

Arepas are eaten daily as snacks throughout the day or served as companions at all meals. However, they are done, they are always tasteful and aromatic. One more typical dish is pan de jamon, it is filled with ham and raisins. The most common hot beverage is coffee that is often offered to guests as a welcome drink.

Fried or grilled fish is also common everyday food. Sometimes after the dessert is finished a guest is offered a humid towel and lemon to clean the hands as a sign of good taste. The traditional food is not necessarily hot, but usually with such ingredients as onions, coriander, peppers and what not.

It is typically served for breakfast with tea. The salad includes such ingredients as tomato, mozzarella cheese and fresh basil. Basic ingredients used by Venezuelans of the region are yucca, beans, turtles, tapirs, deep fried ants etc.Venezuela essays Several Indian tribes inhabited Venezuela before any European settlers arrived.

Christopher Columbus was the first European explorer to reach Venezuela in During the s, Spaniards would come to collect pearls that could be found around the Venezuelan islands.

By the Venezuela is a tropical caribbean counrty on the northern coast of South America. It contains 23 states, which are then split into ten regions. The crisis in Venezuela Officially called the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, the fourth largest country in South America is located on the northern coast of the continent and with an estimated population around thirty million citizens.

Venezuela is a country located in north South America and is one of the largest producers of oil and natural gas in the world. It mainly pro. Free Essays from Bartleby | July 24, in Caracas, Venezuela.

He was born into a wealthy family, who took their money from rich gold and copper mines they. Free venezuela papers, essays, and research papers.

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The Role of President Hugo Chavez in Venezuela - The Role of President Hugo Chavez in Venezuela Introduction Venezuela is a late bloomer in regard to having complete independence and in terms of running its own democratic government.

Essays on venezuela
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