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Accept it and apologize when you arrive. I have learned that it is extremely dangerous to speed and that there will be consequences, sometimes they are minor like, getting a ticket, and sometimes they are major, like killing someone. Take time to plan ahead. In addition, 36 percent said they regularly exceed the posted speed limit by five or more miles per hour, and 22 percent said they repeatedly drive 10 or more miles per hour over the speed limit.

No matter what happens, there is no excuse for speeding. Also, roads are treacherous when it first starts to rain, as the water mixes with oils and other deposits to create a slick road surface. Speeding at any level is dangerous. Young males are the most likely to be involved in speeding-related crashes.

It does not matter the consequence, you should not be speeding in the first place. There is never an excuse to speed. The Environment During this experience I have learned about the many consequences for not driving safe.

Many people forget what they are doing; however that should never happen. When you are driving you should always be aware of your surroundings and you should be alert at all times and ready for anything to happen. Driving within the speed limit allows you more time to react to things out of your control.

Speeding was a factor in 53 percent of fatal crashes that occurred when there was snow or slush on the road and in 60 percent of those that happened in icy roads.

For more information on Farmers Insurance Group, visit www. Get Access The Dangers of Speeding Essay Sample Speeding or going too fast for the road conditions, is a major factor in teen crash fatalities.

I know now that speeding is a large rule and that every Adjust your driving to meet road conditions. Speeding increases the stopping distance required to avoid a collision even as it reduces the amount of time a driver needs to avoid a collision, called the 3-second rule.

I have learned in this experience that speeding is not something to toss to the side and worry about it when you actually get caught or when something terrible happens. Speeding is often one of several risky factors in fatal crashes, because alcohol-impaired drivers are more likely to speed, and speeding drivers are less likely to wear seat belts.

Traveling over the speed limit can be especially dangerous in bad weather conditions. Courtesy of ARA Content. Only in emergencies and you should have on your emergency lights to avoid trouble. It is not safe to speed in any circumstance as it increases stopping distance and your risk of a crash.

In47 percent of speed-related fatalities occurred on roads posted at 50 mph or less, and more than 20 percent occurred on roads posted at 35 mph or less. There are steps you can take to make your driving safer.

A NHTSA study revealed that 87 percent of speeding-related fatalities occurred on roads that were not interstate highways. Speeding is a problem not only on freeways, but also on local streets.

Wear your seat belt.

Speeding Puts Your Family and Others in Danger

My punishment consisted of me being grounded and not being able to drive anywhere, excluding work and school. In addition to these tragic deaths, hundreds more people every year are injured in speed crashes some permanently.

More essays like this: I am very lucky that I did not get my license suspended or any points added to it.Open Document. Below is an essay on "Why Speeding Is Bad" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples/5(1). Feb 20,  · Best Answer: Speeding is a violation of law.

If you are obsessive about the rule of law, then any violation of law is bad. If you are obsessive about the rule of Status: Resolved.

The Dangers of Speeding Essay Sample

Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on Dangers Of Speeding "Dangers Of Speeding" Essays and Research Papers. Dangers Of Speeding.

I will never ever speed again. With either of these life would be pretty bad, you wouldn’t be able to do very much with out getting tired or having to stop for a few. Essays Related to What I have Learn From Speeding.

1. Rules and Standards for Safe Highways. What could be causing so many vehicle casualties? Speeding increases the accident risk of all the other causes I have previously mentioned.

This does not mean that the other causes are less important or that they should be accepted into society 3/5(8). The Consequences of Speeding. 2 Pages Words June Saved essays Save your essays here so you can locate them quickly! Topics in this paper. Knowledge; Education I think that the punishment I received was reasonable and I understand actually how bad speeding can be.

My punishment consisted of me being grounded and not being able to. Speeding is Bad essaysIn American society today, there are certain laws designed to protect all citizens.

One such law is the speed limit law. Despite the many variations of the law found throughout the country, it is essentially the same everywhere.

In residential areas the speed limit is somewhere.

Essays on why speeding is bad
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