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He turns towards me, and smiles. I pull out pajama shorts and a tank top. He had stepped in the spot where a square board was. It looked exactly the same, except for the mattress covered with blankets and the black backpack.

The first half of the drive home is pure silence.

Farm Girl Meets Bad Boy (#1)

No, I would rather have the second option. Could another mysterious criminal be lurking in my barn? I flinch again as Emery throws open the door, and slams it shut again.

Emery sits across from him with his head in his hands. I hear him tossing and turning as he yells in his nightmare. I grab onto his shoulders, and start to shake him. He lifts up his head and his hands begin to tremble. Especially after he had threatened to kill me. When I walk through the house, I gently set the bags on the floor and listen.

But now I was curious to find out what had woken me. I had just been told that Emery Hastings, aka the random boy who had tried to kill me, was coming to live with us. Mom was already heading to bed. Well, except for the fact that I see him in light instead of darkness.

Emery, not knowing as he trespassed onto our property, stepped on it and took half the loft down. I cough and blow it away from me while Emery laughs. Looking over to my left, I watch as Emery stands outside of the truck, leaning his forehead against the window.

I grab the groceries and leave the wood. We could always use another farm hand since Vince left. He shrugs, and drops it in his lap.

He starts swerving, and I notice that look in his eyes again.

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I inhale too much, and try my hardest not to cough it out. We both ran into the view of a mountain lion, who charged towards us. I felt that the louder I spoke, the madder Emery would get.

We step over Keith, and I lead him towards the truck. He leans his head against the window, and closes his eyes.

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On my birthday after all, or would I really have to wait? But under the circumstances, it was going to be hard to find sleep. I decide that he needs to be woken up when he starts to grasp for his neck.

At first, I adored the magnificent boy.Read Chapter Twenty from the story Farm Girl Meets Bad Boy (#1) by Monst3rs (Lindsay) with 69, reads.

farm, girl, boy. “Emery,” I cry, begging him to stop Reviews: Read Chapter One from the story Farm Girl Meets Bad Boy (#1) by Monst3rs (Lindsay) withreads. relationship, bad, girl. “You can’t honestly be serious Reviews: Feb 07,  · ^^^Link there:) You do not know how much I was.

Read "Dating the bad girl." Heard of good girl fall for bad boy but what if good boy fell for bad girl? Wattpad Books Wattpad Stories Wattpad Romance Good Girl The Bad The O'jays Boy Meets Bad Boys Book Stuff. Read Farm Girl Meets Bad Boy from the story Best Wattpad Books by Meghan with 3, Snow has always lived a normal, boring life, and she's sick.

Read Chapter Three from the story Farm Girl Meets Bad Boy (#1) by Monst3rs (Lindsay) with 85, reads. hate, girl, bad. “I can’t believe this,” I mutter, as I Reviews:

Farm girl meets bad boy wattpad
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