How to write a cv for a job in dubai

Since CV is more commonly used, this article will use the same terminology. Specify Attention to Detail For as many finance roles you might have applied for, it is a fact that employers in this field crave for professionals who know the right hack to play with the details, along with a strong hold over analyzing different processes.

If you need general instructions on how to write CVs, there are hundreds of free websites that can give you that. They will increase the response you get.

An experienced marketing professional with demonstrated knowledge of market and customer research abilities seeking a position where I can use my skills to contribute towards positive brand communication. Ignore or adapt any CV advice you read to suit your personal taste.

Use Google to find them, but for a Dubai specific CV, stick here. Write your name as a heading. A poorly written cover letter lacking any clarity is going to do more harm than good. Some CVs include details of references that can be contacted. For example, in Dubai it is not against the law for employers to specify the age, gender, ethnicity, and nationality of the individuals under consideration for employment.

Tips are numerous and minute to mention. Employers can even make hiring decisions based upon ethnic groups they favour and do not favour. Efficiently entered data into a spreadsheet What you did instead is: Other Style Guidelines to Consider Last but not least, there are a few style guidelines to keep in mind when writing a CV for employment in the Middle East.

Never Appear Passive Well truth be told, playing wingman in this field is one of the biggest turn-offs breaking the deal for you in any situation. Name in full as shown in your passport Phone number with your country code Active email address Below your contact information, address the following: What happens though is that unsuitable CVs, not candidates, get binned.

Depending upon the industry the company serves, it may be deemed undesirable to have individuals of a certain nationality employed within the organisation. A recently released convict would more likely put Abilities first. Try and give the impression of a well-balanced person.

The best CVs and accompanying letters, not the best candidates, get interview offers. Did we say that already? Do not attach them as MS Word documents.

If your CV is available online, use Verdana or Tahoma 12 point, or at least a sans-serif font but edit your page so that the printed version uses a serif font print this page to see an example.

Tips on How to Write a Dubai Resume (Also Referred to as a CV)

You should not go on and on about your whole professional life and aspirations. If you have been unemployed, put a heading that says Study or Skills Development for that period even if you did nothing, you at least thought about what to do to improve yourself.

When sending an email application letter and CV Write a clear subject line e.

How to Write a Resume for a Banking and Finance Job?

It is not uncommon for companies based in Dubai and other parts of the Middle East to specify an acceptable age range for applicants, or even consider one gender over the other for certain roles. Stick to these and maintain the charm from the get go! Make it Brief CV objective should be clear and concise.

Try and find out whether a company is US or UK oriented.A CV is a personal document so although you should write it with the company and job in mind, you also need to be happy with it. Ignore or adapt any CV advice you read to suit your personal taste.

Dubai Resume (CV) Writing Tips

If you are applying for a senior-level position or if the circumstances warrant, you can extend your resume to 3 pages. Unlike in some parts of the world, notably the US, a one-page CV is probably too short. Your Photo.

How to Write a CV Objective ? [Samples Given]

You must include a photo on the top right-hand side of the first page of your CV. A professional passport size photograph with a grey or blue solid background is preferred.

Yahiya Mubarak, Dubai ; I hired a CV writer from UK to update my CV. But, being from the banking industry, the guy couldn’t do much of a change. However, my faith in CV writers was restored by in Dubai.

I got my CV as per my expectations. Mir Salam, Abu Dhabi; Every time I wanted to update my CV, I have enough work piling on. Dubai Resume (CV) Writing Tips Regardless of the technical meaning of either CV or resumé, for Dubai employment purposes, they are the same thing.

Since the word CV is more commonly used in Dubai, we’re going to use it throughout this article. How to write the best resume or CV.


We spoke to Gareth Clayton, Senior Director at Charterhouse in Dubai, to find out what exactly goes into making a good CV. 8 tips to find a job in the. These tips will help you write a fit resume for jobs with the best banking and finance corporations on the globe. Text Resume Writing Visual Resume Writing Resume Spotlight Resume Quality Score Free Resume Samples Free; CAREER TIPS.

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How to write a cv for a job in dubai
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