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But even as it bade farewell, Britain was to visit two disasters on the subcontinent. The success of reducing unemployment was noticeable also with the lowest figures of unemployment Britain had ever experienced. The holocaust even consumed Mahatma Gandhithe father of free India and of freedom movements everywhere, who was assassinated months after independence.

The winter of was one of the most severe ever recorded, causing widespread misery and disruption. Painfully shy and reserved to the point of coldness, he had the appearance - and often the style - of a bank clerk.

Labour Welfare Reforms

And even when the war was finally over, the victorious, impoverished British maintained vast numbers of men and resources tied up in an empire on which the sun was about to set. The Conservatives were responsible for many of the acts and measures that would later result in the Welfare State.

Attlee, on the other hand, recognised that the British Raj was doomed. There was also a significant population increase by 1 million so more houses were an absolute need. The old warrior was, at heart, a Victorian romantic, hopelessly in thrall to the so called romance of empire. Many students of the election believe that a key role was played by the Daily Mirrorthen the biggest selling paper in Britain, and easily the most popular among the armed forces.

The effectiveness of the Labour reforms 1945-51

However, the majority of their input was through implementing these successful changes so credit towards them therefore cannot be overlooked. The Labour government of made the first drastic steps towards the welfare state.

This was made even more impressive by a climate of crisis and diminished resources, a true success for the Labour government. And yet, and yet There still remains an argument that whichever government was in power there would have been full employment, that it was a factor outwith government control.

In reality, the north Atlantic connection was the only one which ultimately mattered. Then there was the military vote. Furthermore, there still remains great historical debate that it seemed overgenerous for a country so recently battered economically by the world war.

It was a political earthquake. The military vote was overwhelmingly pro-Labour.How successful were the Labour reforms of Essay How successful were the Labour Government reforms of in improving social and economic conditions?

1945-51: Labour and the creation of the welfare state

From toClement Attlee was prime Help; Contact Us. How successful were the Labour Government reforms of Essay.

Historians Viewpoints

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Below is an essay on "How Successful Were the Labour Reforms of in Meeting the Needs of the British People?" from Anti Essays, your source for. Check out our top Free Essays on Labour Government Welfare Reforms 51 to help you write your own Essay. How Successful were the Reforms of the Post War Labour Government in Solving the Social Problem that Faced Britain?

By Nicole Anderson. LEARNING INTENTIONS • Describe effect of the Labour governments’ social reforms: • Health (Disease) • Education (Ignorance) • Housing (Squalor) • Emplo.

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Labour reforms 1945 51 essay help
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