Measuring the bullwhip effect in the pharmaceutical industry business essay

This swing was also likely to be wider upstream in supply chain. In view of above factors organizations had to make themselves stronger to capture the pharmaceutical market in Pakistan and grow in the same field.

These flows include material, information, ownership, and payment flows. Second, twelve of the thirty-five top-selling drugs in the industry were to lose their patent protection between and The spirit of the bullwhip result was that information to suppliers tends to have larger difference than sales to the purchaser.

It requires supply chain members to recognize which was part of the complex network. The utilization of technology is very expensive because it includes latest instruments which is possible only for developed countries to use technology because they are funded by insurance companies and product developed by this technology cannot afford in developing countries because of its huge investment.

Put differently, for every dollar of capital invested in the industry, the average pharmaceutical firm generated Another important matter was forecasting which was the art and science of making projections about future demands and circumstances would be in the pharma industry.

Long lead times could amplify this fact, since the longer the lead time, the higher the target inventory level set in the replenishment model.

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When demand was larger than production capacity, the manufacturer rations products to its customers according to the size of the orders.

Drawing on the five forces model Porterexplain why the pharmaceutical industry has historically been a very profitable industry? In this paper Lee et al. In fact, practitioners and consultants had struggled to treat with the bullwhip effect, e. First, demand for pharmaceuticals has been strong and has grown for decades.

Min and Mentzer Inthey accounted for more than half by volume of all drugs prescribed in the United States, up from one-third in Second, successful new prescription drugs can be extraordinarily profitable.

The utility rates and other factors of production have been increased in steady rate over the last couple of years. Moreover, the high costs and risk associated with developing a new drug and bringing it to market limit new competition. The author quantified the bullwhip effect by using retailer and a single manufacturer and emphasized on the causes of the bullwhip effect in which focused on the demand forecasting and order lead times.

Successful marketing required a successful supply chain management that ultimately requires planning, managing and controlling these four flows all the way through the incorporation of key procedure, from new suppliers through manufactures, retailers to the end-users, which produce values to the ultimate consumers.

The Bullwhip Effect In Pharmaceutical Industry Karachi Business Essay

Demand processing in conjunction with long lead times: Prices of drugs were increasing since and china revoking its export by supplying to Pakistan. In this scenario there was a demand in stream from up to down with the variations in effects. When price promotions were run on a regular basis, this implies a steady state could never be reached, and the systems behavior appears to be chaotic.

Weld stressed the significance of concentrating on the distribution channel as a whole. As market is getting saturating companies are going global which means world wide launches, global branding and heavy investment in promotion as shorter product life cycle and to gain competitive advantage.

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Most have failed to bring a product to market. Thus, the high profitability of the pharmaceutical industry rests on a handful of blockbuster drugs. Many researchers examined the bullwhip effect and managerial approaches to relieve bullwhip effect were also proposed.

Because of the bullwhip effect had the detrimental impacts on the performance of the whole supply chain; many researchers had attempted to identify possible causes of bullwhip effects. The result in the research paper demonstrated the following three major points of views: Lambert et al stated that supply chain management emphasizes close coordination among the diverse companies involved in the chain.

Furthermore, World trade organization had shown a significant impact on pharmaceutical trade in shape of National treatment programs in which other parties get tender through WTO and in return their sales increases, another option was harmonization of standard through ICH guidelines which required intensive capital requirement to come to the pharma industry business last but not the least was the TRIPS agreement in which the patented documents were there and generic manufacturing companies cannot come under this unless and until would had patents for their own product or molecule.Measuring bullwhip effect in Pharmaceutical industry: Risk Assessment And Decision Making In Business and industry: Finance: MBA: A study on Pakistan Pharmaceutical industry:Factors affecting the growth and shift in marketing share from Multinational to National.

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ESSAYS, term and research papers available for UNLIMITED access Business essay paper; Creative Writing essay paper protection and conservation in Ireland Human. Introduction Of Pharmaceutical Industry Business Essay INTRODUCTION INTRODUCTION OF PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY.

The Pharmaceutical Industry (the Pharma industry‖) is an integral part of the healthcare system in every country. The Pharmaceutical Industry Essay Sample.

Historically the pharmaceutical industry has been a profitable one. Between andthe average rate of return on invested capital (ROIC) for firms in the industry was %.

Jun 16,  · Measuring bullwhip effect in pharmaceutical industry The impact of supply chain failure on customer satisfaction for packed and processed milk A general purpose vendor selection framework for importing industry of (country name).

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Measuring the bullwhip effect in the pharmaceutical industry business essay
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