Old woman magoun

Pocket Listp Bailey, Ron L. Billinton, Robert Johncommonly known as R. NorrisDavid B. The rights and reproductions page for this collection asserts that the copyrights on the photographs in the collection have expired and that publication is therefore permitted.

Official Listp Blakstad, Finn - Member of the board of directors of Norwegian State Railways ; deputy board member Pocket Listpp and Carnahan, W. Official Listp Ashley, O.

Scull, Junep Chanute, Octave - Designed the Hannibal Bridge, the first railroad bridge across the Missouri River in ; invented the process of pressure treating ties with creosote to preserve them.

Official Listp Alexander, E.

Official Listp xxxvi Babcock, Samuel D. Byrnes in Old woman magoun, T. Palmer Biaggini, Benjamin F. President of New York Central Railroad.

Who's Who in railroad history

Pocket Listp Burnley, James H. Pocket Listp Ashby, G. Pocket Listp Aldrich, David L.

Pocket Listp Blackstone, Timothy B. Pocket Listp Beckley, Thomas M. Official Listp 97 Allyn, Henry G. Prendergast ; succeeded by James J. Brogidan, Thomas - Irish businessman who spearheaded the efforts for the extension of the Dublin-Drogheda railway line to connect to Navan in the extension opened in Carver, Hartwell - Promoter of a railroad line across the United States to the Pacific coast as early as ; participated in hammering the Golden Spike at Promontory, Utah, in Pocket Listp Caldwell, D.

Ashhurst, Samuel - President of Tuckerton Railroad.

He was appointed Director-General of Land Transport in ; while in this position inhe submitted a plan to convert all existing rail lines in Australia to standard gauge. William Brosnan ; succeeded by L. Billinton - Father of L. Appleyard in Appleyard, William P.

Official Listp Benedict, James H. Pocket Listp Beach, Charles L. Taylor ; succeeded by Edward Moyers ]. Secretary of Transportation [preceded by Samuel K. Official Listp Bridgers, P.

Every railroad company that ever existed shares one thing in common: Ross ]; president of Erie Railroad [preceded by Frederick D. President of Blue Ridge Railway. Also worked for Rock Island and Burlington railroads through the s. President of Atlantic City Railroad.

Official Listp 79 Claytor, Robert B.Who's Who list by name, surname beginning with A. Aadnesen, Chris - CEO of Estonian Railways; CEO of Alaska Railroad ; Abbot, Amos () - A founder in of the Boston & Portland Railway (later became Boston & Maine Railroad); director of same ; Abbot, Edwin H.

- President of Wisconsin Central Railway __; president of Pewaukee & Montello Railroad; .

Old woman magoun
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