Pass the potato chips essay

I prepared them for this by showing them a video of basic cooking techniques and yammering a bit. In shop we learned how to jigsaw hunks of plastic into various shapes and glue the shapes together with colored glue…how often does anyone actually do this?

Delone Catholic High School

The problem must be something like, funneling all of the students into classes on shit that is on a standardized exam, or gutting the kitchen because "we need this space for a REAL classroom" or whatever. I taught myself to cook with the help of various Pass the potato chips essay cooking shows, bookstore cookbooks, and the pamphlet that came with the crockpot.

I would rather spend that time teaching kids how to balance their bank account and keep track of their utilities and bills. In the late s, the junior high schools in Hawaii demanded a semester of art, a semester of music, a semester of home ec, and a semester of shop.

I justified this assignment — not that I needed to since no one cares what I teach the students — by saying "since eating is one of the characteristics of life, learning how to cook something is biology". Everything cut with a meat cleaver, which is the only knife most homes own, and seasoned essentially the same way — rice wine, soy sauce, corn starch, salt, MSG.

Nunya May 4, at 2: They were only 6 week courses, but I learned to cook eggs, and make a meatloaf and dessert, and how to do some basic sewing.

We also learned to build a silk screener to silk screen t-shirts.


What was interesting to me is that, not only did the parents not complain about the project and, in fact, thought it was a great idea, but the kids seemed to love it too!

Katydid May 4, at 1: My follow-up lesson was a discussion of various herbs and spices to teach them that not every dish has to taste the same, but they went back to sleep for that. These are all students going to the west for college and most have never even boiled water since their parents wait on them hand and foot so that they have more time for study.

I would love to see a mandatory "life skills" course in high school. Rereading I caught the "for study" instead of "to study". Apparently I now speak Chinglish. Tracy May 4, at 1: In Canada, we all get a few electives every year, which could and should be replaced with a course on how to survive in the world once you are done school.

I knew how to cook before seeing "Good Eats" but my ability to improvise improved enormously be learning the chemistry and physics behind the rules. A lot of Gen X never learned to cook because our parents, the Boomers, were in love with the ease and cheapness of fast food.

Of course we also learned things like how to sew, balance a checkbook, and change a diaper. April May 4, at 1: Another assignment was to create spaghetti sauce from raw ingredients…but since decent sauce can be bought cheaper than you can buy the raw ingredients, that was absolutely useless.

They could get pizzas delivered to your door and hamburgers, fried chicken, and crappy fake-Mexican foods were a 5-minute drive away—why would they bother to cook? They did it and all came back with vids showing them cooking essentially the same meal: Ah, well, baby steps.Many years ago, one of my most successful former students – she had been in a few of my undergrad classes at a previous institution – called me in a panic.

I had heard from her fairly regularly on the internet, and our conversations were a mix of me giving her pep talks for the difficult first. The Delone Catholic High School Class of made a lasting impression on the school and in the community. Over the last four years, its members have performed more than 13, hours of service.

Pass the potato chips essay
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