Scottish power energy networks business plan

There is a reduction in expenditure across 33kV substation sites in SPD, and SPM as we will no longer be investing in diesel generator resilience solutions at 6 operation muster locations.

Civils HV substation changes in volumes and expenditure are driven by an updated forecast, based on the latest inspection data held in our corporate systems. This team would work together at the project office to ensure that all decisions, communications and reviews could take place as efficiently as possible, removing unnecessary delays.

Multiple stakeholders — internal and external Multiple lines of communication Cost effective delivery The delivery BPI had been working with a specialist company that carried out surveys utilising helicopter LiDAR technology to carry out inspections and surveys on infrastructure projects, including transmission overhead lines.

This also enables any changes subsequently asked for by landowners to be agreed in the office without the need for additional costly and time consuming site visits. Maintenance costs reduced following a policy and activity review. Volumes for 33kV and 11kV pole refurbishment have been reduced following a re-assessment of our intervention forecast, based on our DR5 outputs, and having analysed more comprehensive asset Health Index data that we have gathered during our accelerated 2-year inspections We have reduced our LV pole refurbishment volumes to take account of the increased LV OHL work requirements for our ESQCR programme based on existing HSE commitments scottish power energy networks business plan, which will place a constraint on the volumes of asset refurbishment through our Village Modernisation programme.

Scottish Power Energy Networks

We also provide a detailed table providing cross reference to the Business Plan Data Tables specifically for Ofgem s purposes. All standalone Smart Grid initiatives have been moved to other investment tables appropriate to their specific investment drivers The Central Control System Software Modernisation Scope has been reduced from a full system replacement in the previous submission to a major upgrade to the existing Control System in the current business plan.

Environmental Investment Noise reduction volumes have increased and costs previously shown as losses reduction have been reallocated. We have moved all of our HV ESQCR hazards from the reconductoring line to the rebuild line as RIGs, state that reconductoring is for the resolution of hazards via the use of insulated conductor.

A process was developed to allow the aerial survey data and the video imagery to be used in PLS-CADD to design the overhead line circuits to very accurate levels of detail.

Linkages to the specific areas of our plan which have changed are detailed in section 4.

SP Energy Networks

In the LVAL and LVHV market segments both the volumes and costs were amended to take account of the volume of acceptances experienced during the period from June to November In the case of all market segments volumes were increased to reflect an anticipated increase due to the clearance of closed projects in Area Change Impact Additional infomation Customer Bill Impact Reduced totex and updated financial assumptions impact average domestic customer bill impact Previous: This includes a number of changes to Substation groups which are commented on in the Table Narrative.

Table of linkages 3 3. Costs for protection are now included in CV5 EHV Protection and for communications are now included in CV Communications for Switching and Monitoring The volume of fault throwers we plan to replace is reduced For Overhead lines, there is a significant movement in the number of fittings to be replaced and a reduction of conductor replacement.

In particular, the use of the aerial survey linked to the design has been a major success with approved designs flowing through to wayleaves very quickly.


It also sets out the additional single subject annexes that we have produced to enable stakeholders to more easily access the information that is important specifically to them. As a result, This activity has is now been moved into CV6.

The total direct cost has reduced as a result of these movements. We have also reassessed our allocation of common project costs between asset replacement and refurbishment during fully integrated projects. Using the latest Ofgem information to demonstrate that our costs in many areas are already more efficient than the fast tracked company or the expert view.

Asset Replacement The kV switchgear costs have been reviewed and disaggregated across additional categories. Ensuring we build a stronger case to justify important elements of our plan that our stakeholders have told us are key Providing additional information to help Ofgem to make fully informed decisions on investment volumes, particularly where these are higher due to criticality and asset life cycle Remaining committed to our original output commitments to customers These changes mean that our business plan has changed throughout both the published plan and the Business Plan Data Tables provided to Ofgem.

We also see a reduction in unit cost based on work in our SPT programme of resilience and procurement benefits. Under our previous submission link box lid replacements were reported under CV5 Line Scottish Power Energy Networks, Birkenhead, United Kingdom.

23 likes · were here. Local Business/5(14). Scottish and Southern Energy Power Distribution. RIIO-ED1 Smart Metering. and the Government’s Low Carbon Plan as well as direct network benefits. Work is Scottish and Southern Electric Power Distribution RIIO-ED1 Smart Metering Business Plan Issue 1 Page 9 of SP Energy Networks Business Plan March Annex Changes to Our Plan SP Energy Networks 54 March March Issue Date Issue No.


SP Energy Networks Business Plan

The newly created Distribution & Transmission business, an amalgamation of the recently acquired Leven Energy Services and SPIE ENS,will deliver a range of overhead line services as part of Scottish Power Energy Networks RIIO – ED1* business plan.

It will deliver a number of overhead line services as part of Scottish Power Energy Networks business plan. The SPIE will deliver work across Scotland, including Dumfries and Stranraer, Fife.

SPIE wins £80m contract with Scottish Power Energy Networks

Scottish & Southern Energy Distribution Network's plain guide to what it does and its plan for

Scottish power energy networks business plan
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