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Display that image as a thumb. Post images are a perfect way to add more visual punch to your site. If no thumbnail has been created previously then you have to regenerate the thumbnail images to be used.

Please note that automatic thumbnail generation requires your image to be hosted in the same domain as your site — automatic thumbnail generation based on remotely hosted images is not currently supported.

The best solution -I think- is to set a default image. Including videos in the blog posts could be an excellent idea to bring some variety in your content.

WordPress will automatically convert the URL into an embedded video player. Since we are concentrating only on YouTube videos, we can skip this tab.

Auto Generate Thumbnails from the First Image in Content – Thesis Theme

This plugin actually creates the thumb for exert posts. After the image has been uploaded, WordPress will display a window containing information about the uploaded image, including its Link URL. Now, find out the video you want to include and copy the video URL. That is a long, tedious and unproductive way for smart shouters like you.

DICC Leave a comment Many thesis premium skins provides features to auto generates post thumbnail from the first image in the post. The answer is simply: If you have a video channel in YouTube and frequently embed the videos in your website, you should generate proper thumbnails for them.

Video is available at sidebar. This plugin will ask the size of thumbnail you want to generate. Custom WordPress data queries make this eye-catching opportunity possible. Let me know your thoughts about the plugin.

Enable thumbnail preview of PDFs in Windows Explorer

Thumbnail and Post Title Query — Specific Categories What if you want to display thumbnails and post titles for three posts from three different categories — ones you choose specifically?

If you prefer or, if you are not using a Thesis Post Image but still want to use a thumbnail image on teasersyou can supply your own thumbnail image by entering its URL in the Thesis thumbnail image URL field remember to include the http: The most popular way to auto generate thumbnails images for posts is to grab the first image in the post, and set that image to be the thumbnail for that particular post.

I will have to create a new function that grabs the first image from the post, then call that function when I need it.

How To Add A Thumbnail Image to Thesis Teasers

You cannot add thumbnails manually.During the normal stream of content, Thesis Post Images will display full-size, and by default, they’ll be automatically cropped into smaller thumbnail images for use in other areas, like teasers.

The options you use to specify a Thesis Post Image and/or Thumbnail are located on the Edit panel for each Post or Page, under Post Image and.

Finding the Auto Thumbnail Solution I have been thinking how to solve this issue, especially that many of my thesis skins users has already established blogs, and need an Thesis auto thumbnail way to display thumbnail images without having to suffer.

Assuming you also typically use a header image at the very top of your post (similar to the way posts on this blog look), the easiest way to achieve this by default is to use Thesis image fields to handle the main image for your post, from which it will also auto-create the teaser thumbnail.

Many thesis premium skins provides features to auto generates post thumbnail from the first image in the post. But many people don’t use premium skins or design their own custom thesis theme. There are many hooks and tags available in thesis, but none of them will help you generate thumbnails automatically.

Today many thesis users are showing thumbnails beside the. Learn what to do in Acrobat or Acrobat Reader to enable thumbnail preview of PDFs in Windows Explorer. Auto Attach Thumbnails is a plugin to set post thumbnail from first image in post.

It requires to have attached/uploaded at least one image to the post. If there’s not any image attached to the post, thumbnail won’t be generated.

Thesis auto thumbnail
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