While the auto waits

You simply cannot imagine the scandal it would cause. One who is a worker and not a drone. Sheltered behind a con- venient standing cab, the young man followed her movements closely with his eyes.

The idea was originated by a visiting Prince of Tartary while dining at the Waldorf.

While the Auto Waits

The place was one of those frankly glaring establishments, all white, paint and glass, where one may dine cheaply and conspicuously. I spoke to you, Mr. A competence is to be desired, certainly. This veil and this hat of my maid furnish me with an incog.

The other is an English Marquis, so cold and mercenary that I prefer even the diabolical nature of the Duke. But I hope to rise in the world.

Again, good-night" Swift and stately she moved away through the dusk. She had come there at the same hour on the day previous, and on the day before that; and there was one who knew it. But, doubtless, the claims of caste and wealth will prove stronger than my inclination.

Drives, dinners, theatres, balls, suppers, balls, dinners, more balls, followed of course by dinners and suppers, with the gilding of superfluous wealth over it all.

I asked you to sit down; if the invitation must constitute me your honeysuckle, consider it withdrawn. She rises with a start. Parkenstacker, "in a res- taurant. But I like to have my information accurate. Well, if you insist.

Perhaps - but the whim may not seize me again. What is it that impels me to tell you these things, Mr.Transcript of "While the auto waits" by O. Henry "While the Auto waits" by O.

Henry The story is about a poor girl who pretends to be rich while reading in the park, met a man who is in love with her. Buy While the Auto Waits by Walter Wykes (eBook) online at Lulu.

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[He waits, eager and hopeful, but she only holds up a slender finger and smiles slightly.] GIRL: No, you would recognize it immediately. It is simply impossible to keep one's name out of the papers.

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While the Auto Waits romptly at the beginning of twilight, came again to that quiet corner of that quiet, small park the girl in gray. She sat upon a bench and read a book, for there was yet to come a half hour in which print could be accomplished.

While the auto waits
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