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There is a fairly good Wipe New application video on YouTube that demonstrates the process, which appears to be relatively easy. However, we located a Wipe New Material Safety Data Sheet revealing that the product is made using benzene, 1-chloro trifluoromethyland tert-Butyl acetate.

On the other hand, the most common complaints appeared to reference failure to work, that it may not be as easy to apply as the company makes it seem have to apply to dry surfaces that are dust free and in the shade—not in direct sunlight.

Use it on bumpers, decorative outside panels, Wipe new customer reviews view mirrors, even vinyl or leather car seats, for a protected showroom new shine. Just pay separate shipping and processing. Five precision Wipe-Its infused with Wipe New Two pairs of Nitrile gloves One detail swab Wipe New Headlight Restore Wipe New Headlight Restore claims to be an easy-to-apply wipe on formula, contained in a single use microfiber cloth, which can provide crystal clear headlights in seconds.

Customer reviews

Because of this, it promises to help you save money and time. In this way, you will save your money and ensure that you are getting a high-quality product. Interest in the product appears to have peaked in Octoberand seems to have gradually declined since then. The instructions for using the product properly are quite detailed, and it is possible that some negative reviews are the result of customers not applying the product properly.

The panels were dark grey but now they are white again. What is appreciated even more is that the effect from one application lasts for a few years. There, the product had an average rating of 3.

Because of this, Wipe New claims that they can help save you time and money. Let us have a look at the actual testimonials left by people online.

Wipe New Reviews - What Is It?

Transcript of Wipe New television commercial: How Well Does It Work? It is a rare thing. Several readers have wondered how realistically Wipe New would alter the look of the surfaces.

It is called Wipe New Restore. Wipe New Tires is a formula that bonds to your tires and protects these parts from cracking, peeling, or washing away. The difference between these two products is obvious. But, at the same time, it makes wiping off dust or dirt much easier to remove.

Read our Wipe New reviews from editors and readers, plus additional product information. How much does Wipe New cost? It contains no silicone or oils, is not greasy and can be used on steering wheels and steps. Other Wipe New products include five different formulations: I was amazed at how my vehicle looked after the first application.

Now I restore faded plastic rather than just clean it and I do it in no time at all. If you decide to buy Wipe New make sure to purchase it from the official website or a local retailer. You can find more than a thousand of customer reviews for Wipe New products on Amazon, and more than reviews for the Original Trim Restore product alone.

Just apply Wipe New once. Tired of faded bumpers, foggy headlights, weathered sun-damaged vehicles? Ripoff Report That there are several reports on Ripoff Report regarding Wipe New, with complaints ranging from advertising to hidden fees.

Many consumers are satisfied with the outcome they get from the products. Wipe New Marine Upholstery Similar to the standard Marine formula, but intended to restore and renew upholstery, navigational devices, and console dashes from fading, cracking, and weathering.

You Must Read This Review! In addition, the nano-polymer is flammable, so keep away from high heat or an open flame. The protection looked better and more reliable than with the Armor All I used before.

Wipe New Restore immediately restores the original luster of your vehicle and protects its surfaces from grime, brake dust, road salt, and corrosion. It looks more like a sampler bottle than a full-sized product.

Customer Reviews for Wipe New At the time of our review, there were well over a thousand Amazon customer reviews for Wipe New products, and more than reviews for the Original Trim Restore product alone. Remember that the nano-polymer is flammable, thus, it should be kept away from an open flame.

While the photo on the official website shows a massive bottle towering over the other images on the page, a bottle of Wipe New is only 1.Wipe New Reviews 6 Consumer Reviews USA-made Wipe New is a brand of car, boat, and home care products that are claimed to restore and protect against the harmful, dulling effects of oxidation/5(6).

Wipe New Customer Reviews We need your help! This site just launched with the aim to educate and inform people through our resident expert reviews about products we’ve. SeenTV Showcase is a website that focuses on popular As Seen on TV products and they’ve written an extensive page about Wipe New including customer reviews.

Other Wipe New Reviews In MayABC affiliate WVEC (13 News Now) out of Norfolk, VA reviewed the product and was “impressed.” That review is no longer online. Wipe New Headlight Restore is a kit designed specifically for restoring dull or faded headlights to a like-new condition through a very easy process.

The product used is (at least to my knowledge) the same as the liquid in the general Wipe New Trim Restore Kit, but it comes with a few more tools to aid the process.

Customer Reviews - Does Wipe New Really Work? You can find a great number of users' reviews on the product online. Most of them are positive. You can find more than a thousand of customer reviews for Wipe New products on Amazon, and more than reviews for the Original Trim Restore product alone.

The product has an average rating of stars.

Wipe new customer reviews
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